The Seven Deadly Social Media Sins

Are you committing these seven deadly social media sins? Without you even realizing it, perhaps you are making one or two of  them.

These seven deadly sins are:

  • Gluttony – are you sharing too much in social media, almost as if spamming your target audience? Sharing too much posts can be a huge turn off for your target customers. So, don’t overdo it.
  • Lust – do you obsessed so much with the number of fans, likes and shares that you get online?
  • Greed – if you must have an information to share, do share it!
  • Sloth – don’t just create a profile and abandon it. Use it to talk with your customers.
  • Pride – strive to improve continuously. If your post suddenly became viral, continue to think of ways how to make more improvements the next time.
  • Wrath – if you must vent out your emotions, or rant about something, social media is not the proper venue for you.
  • Envy – don’t compare yourself with the others. Have your unique style and really own it.

Let’s head on to the infographic for more details about these seven deadly sins in social media and how you can avoid doing them.


Are You Committing any of These 7 Deadly Social Media Sins

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