5 Tips for Using Quora

Quora is a social media network that experts, business people, journalists and professionals can use to ask questions and provide relevant answers. You can use it as a valuable source of information and a platform for helping others while subtly promoting your business. You might also find it useful for building your network of contacts.

1. Your first step in using Quora should be building a profile.  This is your opportunity to demonstrate your expertise with a particular topic or industry. For example, you can build your profile to demonstrate that working in your business lead to the development of expertise in a particular area. Or you can build it to demonstrate how you used your considerable expertise to build your business.

2. Answering questions on Quora helps others and your business at the same time. It’s always a thrill when someone asks a good question and you have the knowledge and experience to provide a clear, comprehensive answer. On Quora, you can answer questions within your realm of expertise and not only help someone in need but also build your online reputation and develop new contacts. It’s a win-win situation.

3. Integrate other social media platforms. It’s easy to have Quora add your latest activity to your timeline on Facebook or to have Quora users become your followers on Twitter. And keep in mind that shared posts and Tweets provide links that the search engines love, leading to more attention to your answers and greater exposure for your business.

4. Sometimes it can be hard to come up with ideas for your next blog or article.  When you’re in need of fresh ideas, visit Quora and see what others are asking in relation to your industry. Then, go ahead and turn these questions into the topic of your next blog post, article or report. What better way to produce valuable content than finding out what your audience really needs to know and providing solid answers.

5. Building your network is an important social media goal, and Quora can help you accomplish it. On Quora, users can follow you and vice versa, making it easy to develop your network of like-mined individuals, business people interested in partnering and individuals in complementary businesses who might be interested in trading referrals and sharing relevant information. You might even connect with journalists interested in your expertise and in a position to provide free PR.


Have you used Quora for your small business? Has it helped you meet your goals? Please share with us!


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